How to upgrade your business laptop to Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft says it’s making improvements to its business laptop model, with an update to the software in October.

But one area of concern is the business laptop.

The new update includes a new design, improved battery life and faster boot times, but also brings several changes to the laptop.

Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s latest update for business laptops:The new designThe design of the new Microsoft business laptop features a slightly curved design that helps to reduce the thickness of the laptop and make it feel more portable.

It’s a design Microsoft says is designed to help users “remain more comfortable” in the office and is more ergonomic than previous designs.

The laptop’s new design includes a more streamlined design and thinner design, which reduces the laptop’s weight.

The company also added an LED lighting system that shows the time on the screen.

This new design makes the laptop more portable, but it also includes new battery life, which Microsoft says will last for at least two weeks of use.

The battery life is a significant improvement from previous models.

It can last up to two weeks with standard use, up to six days with intensive gaming and up to eight hours with intense video editing and photo editing.

Microsoft also says it added a new feature to the battery that lets you switch between the battery indicator and battery indicator light.

This feature, known as the battery percentage, shows how much the battery is charging.

The indicator light is on when the laptop is fully charged, and when the battery has drained completely.

Microsoft says this new feature helps users know when their battery is fully drained, but Microsoft says the new battery percentage will not be used in any of its apps, which means the battery usage will remain low, and the user will see the battery status indicator when they click the power button.

Microsoft is making improvements in this update for the business computer model, and it’s encouraging people to upgrade their machines, according to Microsoft’s announcement.

The update will automatically apply to new customers.

Microsoft has also made a number of changes to how the software works.

The system now includes an option for the ability to share files across the network, which can save users time.

The network share option is a useful feature in cases when you need multiple computers, such as when you work from multiple offices, but your office computers aren’t able to share their files.

Microsoft is also working on improving the battery life of the business laptops.

The improved battery lifespan will last up

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