When the best price on portable power supplies goes up, you’re in for a nice surprise

Costco’s latest offering has got you covered for the holiday season.

The retailer has teamed up with Panasonic on its new power supply, the BX2, and is selling it for a whopping $129.95.

That’s a price tag that’s more than a bit higher than the $99.95 it sells for the B100, a similar power supply that came out last year.

That’s because the Bx2 is the second B100 to be upgraded to the B700.

The B700s upgraded power supplies are still available for a very reasonable price, at $199.99, but the B500s are priced at $79.99.

The Bx1 was one of the best portable power supply options for the past several years.

The price was also pretty reasonable, at just $29.99 per unit.

The new Bx3 is the same power supply but with a much more robust cooling system, which makes it more powerful, and it’s priced at a whopping a cool $149.99 instead of the $119.99 it costs the B200.

The new BX3 is a little bit more powerful than the B300, and the B600 is cheaper than the previous model.

The power supply itself is also much more durable than the last model.

The biggest draw back is the fact that you have to purchase the whole B series, but if you want to use the power supply as a standalone device, that’s a $10-per-unit upgrade that’s worth considering.

That means you can go for the cheapest option and keep the full B series.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for something that will last longer and can do all the things that the original Bx series does well.

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