The PC and the internet of things

Posted by Polygon on June 22, 2018 10:11:31 A couple of weeks ago, a Reddit user noticed a strange new feature of the Chromecast Ultra.

A user by the name of “cjdw” shared an image of the new Chromecast-enabled Chromecast remote, which looked identical to the standard Chromecast Remote.

The Chromecast, it turns out, can be controlled with just the screen.

A couple weeks later, the Chromecast user was contacted by Microsoft and told that the Chromebast was in fact a separate product.

The new Chromebasts features include an improved remote control, improved audio, and even a redesigned interface.

The company also announced that the new product will be available on July 15th, meaning that Chromecast users can now stream content to their TVs, even if they don’t own the TV.

Microsoft’s announcement came as a surprise to many, given that the company had previously stated that the feature would be arriving in July.

Microsoft also said that the hardware would only be available in select markets, and that the product would be available for purchase through the Microsoft Store and on Chromecast.

But the company also promised that users would be able to purchase the device on its website.

Microsoft didn’t provide any details on the Chromes remote, and did not clarify whether the ChromeCast would be sold separately or bundled with Chromecast itself.

It’s possible that the device would come bundled with a Chromecast accessory.

However, Microsoft said that Chromecast would only work with Chromebasters.

Microsoft did also state that Chromebans remote would work with devices that have a 720p HDMI output.

The announcement came after several other recent announcements by Microsoft, which also confirmed that Chromecasts will be compatible with Windows 10, and announced that Microsoft will support Chromecast in its Windows 10 Home and Pro editions.

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