How to buy an iPad with $1,500 price tag

It’s a new trend: iPads, iPhones, and Samsung smartphones with Apple logo in their screens are getting a little bit pricey.

And it’s not limited to the United States, either.

Here’s how you can get a $1.2-million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for $1 at a Staples store in New York City.

According to Staples, the new Samsung device will ship on September 1, 2016, but the online store is offering a $500 gift card to anyone who buys one with a Staples account.

In a statement to The Hill, Staples said it does not “recommend that customers purchase any device with a Samsung logo on it, unless they have a valid Staples credit card or if they have an approved credit plan.”

Staples said it will refund any remaining balance after the expiration of the 30-day grace period.

It’s the second major device to fall victim to this trend, with Apple and Samsung recently launching similar products with the same Samsung logo.

This isn’t the first time a new Samsung phone has come under fire for an alleged Samsung logo logo on the front.

Last week, a woman complained that she paid $1 a month for a Galaxy Note 9 that didn’t have a Samsung branding.

She posted a video on YouTube of the phone with a sticker on it that read, “Samsung,” and said that the phone had a “Samsung logo.”

The sticker, she said, made the phone look like it had a Samsung brand logo on its backside.

She said the phone’s price was $3,500 and that she had not paid for a Samsung device since 2013.

The sticker has since been removed from the phone, but it’s still being offered at Staples stores nationwide.

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