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HP has sold nearly 7 million refurbished HP laptops since 2010, according to data from research firm Strategy Analytics.

That’s a massive improvement over the 1.5 million refurbishments the company began offering in 2018.

But HP still has a ways to go to match its current market share of 15.8% and the 9.1 million that Lenovo launched last year.

“This is not a time to be complacent,” said Chris Vrooman, senior director of HP’s Business Solutions and Data Analytics division.

“The pace of innovation continues to drive growth for the entire HP family of products.”

Vroomam said the company is continuing to invest in research and development, particularly in its laptop and desktop product lines.

HP announced it is planning to release a brand-new HP XPS 15, the company’s first notebook with a 10-inch screen, later this year.

Lenovo’s first-generation laptop, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, debuted in April 2018.

Lenovo also plans to launch a tablet in the third quarter.

Lenovo, however, is not expected to launch its next-generation ThinkPad Pro tablet, which is expected to debut later this month.

HP said it sold more than 8 million refurbishes of its new HP X60 laptops in 2017, the most in the market, but that figure did not include new HP laptops.

It’s also unclear if Lenovo is planning on selling refurbished X60s or if it plans to sell refurbished ThinkPads.

Dell has sold more refurbished Dell laptops than HP has in the past, according the company.

But it still has not been able to match the success of Lenovo and HP in the refurbished category.

“We are not quite there yet, but the fact that Lenovo and Dell have achieved this level of success is incredible,” said Kevin M. O’Neill, chief research officer of Strategy Analytics, which specializes in laptop trends.

Dell and HP have also been in competition with each other.

Dell announced in May that it will discontinue production of its refurbished 14-inch Dell Inspiron 15, which it started offering in 2017.

HP did the same.

Dell plans to make its refurbish laptops available through HP Online.

HP also has been trying to catch up with Lenovo.

Lenovo began selling refurbish Dell Inspire 15 laptops in March 2018.

That pushed Dell’s sales of refurbished Inspire laptops higher than HP’s.

HP’s new model, the Inspiron 13, is expected this fall.

“It’s been great to be part of Dell’s momentum,” said Joe DiBona, president of HP Worldwide.

HP will release new refurbished 15-inch MacBook Pros in the fourth quarter, and a new 13-inch laptop this summer.

The company will release refurbished 13- and 14-incher 15- and 15-inchers this fall, and refurbished 17-inch and 17-inche 14- and 13-inches in the first half of 2020.

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