When the world’s fastest laptops are released: Intel-HP partnership

HP and Intel have announced a collaboration to develop next-generation laptops with the largest screen sizes, and a $1,000 price tag.

The laptops will be available starting this summer for Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Acer, and are priced at $1.99 million or $2,299, according to the company.

The laptops, which will use Intel’s Next-Gen Processors, will use the same chipsets that power the laptops and other consumer electronics from HP and other manufacturers, HP CEO Dan Hurley said in a statement.

HP also announced the laptop partnership on Wednesday, with a $2.99 billion offer of the laptops.

The announcement comes after a flurry of activity from HP in recent weeks.

The company has signed a partnership with Dell to make laptops for the company’s business customers, and it’s said to be looking at other new partners to develop a new range of laptops.

That’s led to speculation that the company might be looking to add a new chip, or chip maker, to its portfolio of processors.

But in a press release Wednesday, Hurley downplayed the possibility of a new processor, saying HP’s goal is to “build and launch a portfolio of top-end laptops” that will be priced at or below $1 million.

The HP collaboration with Intel, Hurry said, will be the largest PC-maker collaboration to date, with the laptops costing “in the ballpark of $1 billion,” and with the new laptops being “designed with the most advanced processor architecture, including the most powerful discrete GPU ever created by Intel.”

The company has said it plans to release a range of its laptops in the coming years, and that the goal is for the first to sell for more than $1 of the company-built version of a laptop, which could cost up to $1M.

Intel has also said it would release its next-gen CPUs later this year, and will likely have a chip that can compete with the upcoming Intel Xeon processors, which are based on the same architecture as the laptops, Hurray said.

The deal with Intel follows a partnership in 2015 between HP and AMD to develop new CPUs based on its Zen microarchitecture.

In August, the chipmaker announced a deal with HP that could see it acquire the chip maker for $5 billion.

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