When the new $5,000 LG OLED TV starts shipping next month, there’s a big price tag to consider

On the heels of a stunning OLED TV launch that earned the company a record $3.2 billion in revenue last quarter, LG is set to launch its latest flagship device next month with a price tag of $5.9, or $9,000 for a 24″ screen.

The LG OLED V-Series is LG’s newest OLED TV, which means that LG’s $2,500 LG OLED OLED LED 4K LED TV will have a price of $9.99 on Amazon, or just over $10,000 at its lowest price point of $1,799.

The LG OLED LED TV is available in a variety of colors and will be available in both 2K and 4K resolutions.LG says the LG OLED Smart TV 4K, which it’s launching alongside the LG V-series, will have an “ultra-high definition (UHD)” panel, and it will also have a “high-speed” Wi-Fi.

LG has previously announced that the LG Smart TV, while technically a “smart TV,” will still feature a smart remote.

The new LG Smart TVs will be made by LG Electronics.LG also has a new TV with a 4K resolution and a new Smart TV with 4K video capability.

These new TVs are currently in the pre-order phase, and the prices are expected to go up in the coming weeks.

The Smart TV’s price will start at $939.99 and the 4K Smart TV will be priced at $1.699, or about $50 more than the LG TV.

It is also expected that the new 4K TV will come with a new app, dubbed “LG Home,” which will allow you to control and access various LG products, apps, and services.

The new LG OLED smart TV will not only be the company’s flagship device, but also the company will also introduce the LG Ultra HD TV.

LG is also planning to launch two new smart TVs: the LG UHD TV and LG UHU TV.

The UHD and UHu TV will include 4K support.LG’s new OLED TVs will likely have an array of features that have yet to be explored by other companies.

LG’s new TVs will offer HDR content and support 4K content, and LG’s Smart TVs are also expected to offer HDR functionality, such as HDR-compatible picture quality, and support for up to 4K UHD video.

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