How to use Windows 10 on your laptop

Windows 10 is getting a lot of love in the mainstream.

And there’s a new version of the operating system that lets you play games and use other things on your screen.

Read moreHere are some things to know about this new version.

You can install Windows 10 with just a few keystrokes, and you can use the software for a few hours per day.

But, the big selling point for Windows 10 users is the ability to install new applications on a laptop.

Here’s how to do it.

The first thing you need to do is sign in to your Microsoft account.

On the Start menu, click the Settings button.

Select Personalization.

You’ll need to click on Install new features.

Windows 10 will ask you whether you want to install all of the new features that Microsoft introduced last month, and select Yes.

Once the new feature install is complete, you can click OK to close out of the installation process.

You’ll need a new account for Windows to install apps and software.

For this tutorial, we’re using a free account.

Windows will ask for your login details, and after that, it will install all the software you’ve downloaded from the Store.

But first, you’ll need some credentials.

After signing in, you’re presented with a menu that lets the user pick which applications they want to run on their screen.

The default menu, where you can choose to start a game, use Cortana, or play other games.

You can click on the Start button to open up a menu, and from there you can pick your applications, add them to the Start screen, and use them.

Once you’ve selected your apps, you need some settings to enable the apps you want, such as the type of screen you want the apps to appear on.

In this case, we’ll go with the large screen you see in the screenshot below.

On the top right, you will see the apps that are available to start, which you can select by tapping the menu button.

You will see a menu of icons, including the Start icon.

You need to make sure that your Start menu is visible, so click the icon in the middle of the Start Screen to make it visible.

When the icon appears, select it, and then click the OK button.

Windows will launch the Windows Store, which allows you to add apps to your Start screen.

You have to make a few choices, including whether to allow apps from the Windows store to run in the Start Menu.

If you choose to allow it, the Store will launch, letting you browse the app catalog.

You don’t have to click any of the apps listed on the store page.

You just need to select the app you want.

If you choose not to allow the app to run, the app will not launch.

Click OK, and the app is installed on your Start Screen.

Now, click on your favorite app to open it up on your device.

The app will ask whether you’d like to install it, so choose Yes.

After the installation is complete and you’re greeted with the app’s icon, click it.

The icon on your Windows device is now a Start icon, which is shown in the below screenshot.

When you open a new app, the icon on the Windows device will change to a small icon next to the app.

Click it, then click on More, and a menu appears on the left of the app that lets users install the app on their device.

The icon for this menu is a Start Menu icon.

If the app isn’t installed, click More, then select it again.

You need to give the app permission to run.

Click the Install button.

Once this process is complete you’ll be presented with an application list.

Click on the one you want from the list, and it will launch up on the screen.

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