How to use Reddit in your workplace with Recode’s ‘Workplace Reddit’

Today, the first post of a new feature we’re launching called Workplace Reddit lets you take a look at your company’s work, talk to coworkers, and share ideas.

The idea is to bring Reddit to your workplace, not to get to know the company, but to see how it works and how it’s evolving.

“We’re going to be releasing this at the end of June,” cofounder and CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman, told Recode.

“It will be a way to see the progress of the company over time, to see if the company is making the most of the opportunities that they’re getting.”

The idea is not only to make it easier to work with colleagues, but also to show the company how to grow its user base.

The Reddit team plans to be able to add more subreddits at a later date, and it’s possible that this feature could be used by employees to create their own subreddits.

The new feature will also allow you to see all the new subreddits that have been added to the site, and you can see the latest posts from those subreddits by hovering over a post or commenting on it.

It’s a similar experience to what we’ve seen in other tech companies, which allows you to search for specific topics and read the threads.

However, the new Reddit feature isn’t as simple as that.

For example, Reddit’s main search bar is divided into three sections, one for the most popular posts, one with the most recent posts, and one with comments.

Each section has its own sidebar and the top-most section is where you can view the most up-to-date posts.

You can click on the sidebar to get an overview of the most relevant content.

You also get a sidebar navigation bar that shows you the most recently viewed posts, upvotes, and downvotes.

To see all of these options at once, click the little arrow icon that appears next to a post.

When you click on it, you get an expanded view of the content in each section, as well as the links to the posts that you can click to view.

This expanded view is different from the default search view, which shows the top posts, which can be hard to scroll through if you’re using the mouse.

The expanded view will only show the top 10 or so posts, with the other sections hidden.

For example, if you click the sidebar navigation to the top of the page, you’ll see the most current posts.

However if you hover over any of the links you’ll be taken to a more recent post.

So you can read a post, but you’ll probably have to scroll down to see it, as Reddit doesn’t have a way of scrolling through all of the posts from that time.

Instead, the expanded view lets you browse the posts by upvoting or downvoting the posts.

When a post is upvoted, Reddit has the option to show a thumbs up, and when it’s downvoted it shows a thumbs down.

You don’t have to do any searching to find the posts in the expanded search view.

The expanded view has a few limitations, though.

It doesn’t include comments from Reddit employees, so you’ll have to use their comment sections in order to see them.

But it does have links to their posts, so when you click those links, the page will load with their comment section.

And the expanded Reddit search is limited to posts with a total of 100 upvotes or less.

So if you’ve got a bunch of posts with only 100 up votes and only two posts with 100 downvotes, the search will only give you the posts with the largest numbers of upvotes and the lowest numbers of downvotes (a few up and a few down).

“We really wanted this to be a simple way to get a look into the company,” Huffman said.

“We’re not trying to be like Facebook or Google, but this is something that’s really useful for the Reddit community.”

Huffman says the company has plans to bring this feature to the desktop as well, as part of a larger effort to expand the product.

Huffman told Recke that the company will also be launching a mobile version of the site sometime next year.

As with the desktop version, Reddit is not going to offer a subscription to the service, as it does for Facebook.

But Huffman says it will offer the same sort of flexibility that Facebook has with its paid subscription model, so users can pay to view their favorite subreddits.

For now, you can only view the posts you’re interested in.

You’ll have the option of editing the content to your liking, or you can also delete posts from the site.

But the Reddit team is working on ways to allow you more control over how your posts appear.

You will be able see the number of up and down votes that you get for each post, as you can right now.

You won’t be able, for example, to delete

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