A creepy-sounding device to clean your laptop screen

A creepy screen cleaner is now on the market, and it’s called a Laptop Screen Cleaner.

While its not the only screen cleaner out there, it’s certainly one of the creepiest and most creepy.

Its an old-school desktop cleaning tool that takes a few minutes to set up, and even though it doesn’t actually clean your computer, it seems to be a safe way to remove fingerprints, dust, and other unwanted stuff from your computer.

The product has already received quite a bit of press in the last few weeks, and we’re going to try it out for ourselves, so we decided to take it apart and see what we can find out.

Read moreHow to use a screen cleaner:The Laptop Screensaver is actually quite simple, although there are some extra steps to get the job done right.

First, remove the screen from the laptop’s chassis, then unscrew the bottom edge of the screen protector.

You should find a thin strip of metal that is about a millimeter wide, which allows the screen to slide out of the case.

Next, pull the screen off the laptop, and use a sharp knife or pair of pliers to pry it off the front of the laptop.

The screen should be pretty easily removable.

The back of the LaptopScreenCleaner should look something like this:The rear of the ScreenCleaner looks a bit odd.

The plastic casing is a bit thin, and the screws are located just under the bottom of the protector.

Thats about it for the front.

Next up, unscrew two screws at the bottom.

You will want to loosen them down so that the screen will slide out.

You may have to use your fingers to loosen the screws, as they don’t have the same texture as the front screws.

You can remove the bottom cover of the screensaver by unscrewing the screen cover and removing the screen.

The top cover should come off easily, as well.

Next step: Unscrew the front cover and remove the rear cover.

The rear cover looks a little odd, but it also has a screw on the top that is a little too tight.

It will be easier to unscrew it once you’re done.

The back of this screen cleaner comes off easily.

The bottom of it should be a little less exposed than the front, so you should be able to remove it without damaging it.

The rear cover is a tad thinner than the top, so it’s a bit easier to remove.

Next: Unclip the back cover of your screen cleaner and unscrew both the top and bottom screws.

This should loosen the screen cleaner, and you should have access to the back of your laptop.

Unscrew both screws at their bottom.

If you can’t get your fingers around them, you can use a pair of tweezers to push them away.

The screensaver should now look something similar to this:You should have two screws holding the screen cleaner to the bottom and top of the lid of the machine.

Unscring the screws at both sides will loosen them.

You’ll also want to remove the plastic casing, as it will keep the screencleaner from sliding off the top of your machine.

The top of screen cleaner slides out.

Once it has, you should see the bottom portion of the monitor protector pop off.

The rubber protector is now completely removed.

The bottom of screen cleaning tool.

This is the screen cleaning screw.

It looks like the screen itself.

The screw can slide up or down, depending on how much force you apply to it.

The front of screen cleaners screw.

This is the front part of the rubber protector.

It also has an air gap that you can insert your finger into to tighten the screws down.

You can also use a tweezer to push it away.

The rubber protector will pop off the screen of the old laptop.

The screen cleaner looks a lot like a standard cleaning tool, except that the front is completely covered in plastic.

The front screw can also slide up and down, as long as you use enough force to push the screw away.

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