How to replace your Dell refurbished laptop

Dell refurbish laptop with 16GB RAM and 32GB RAM laptop with 4GB ram.

This laptop is in perfect condition with no chips or scratches, it has been refurbished.

If you buy one of these laptops and need to replace it, you can find a solution in the guide below.1.

Remove the battery and touch panel cover2.

Remove a large piece of the laptop cover and place it in a small plastic bag or other clean and clean plastic container3.

Remove all screws that hold the laptop together4.

Remove any components that may have come loose, including the motherboard, battery, and the hard drive5.

Remove an LED and some screws that may come loose from the display cover6.

Remove two screws that secure the keyboard to the display assembly7.

Remove four screws that connect the display to the motherboard8.

Remove one screw that connects the display case to the keyboard and display9.

Remove screws that attach the monitor to the case10.

Remove cover that covers the display, keyboard, and touch screen11.

Remove some screws on the bottom of the keyboard assembly that are connected to the power supply12.

Remove three screws that are tied to the left side of the motherboard13.

Remove several screws that tie the right side of it to the bottom assembly.

Remove them as well14.

Remove eight screws that run from the left hand side of keyboard to display assembly15.

Remove six screws that go through the left-hand side of screen assembly16.

Remove 10 screws that slide out of the left wall of the display and connect to the right wall of display assembly17.

Remove ten screws that sit between the right and left wall.

Remove these screws as well18.

Remove nine screws that join the bottom part of the case to keyboard and the right to display.19.

Remove 12 screws that fit around the motherboard and are attached to the chassis.20.

Remove 8 screws that make up the bottom edge of the screen assembly and attach to the top of the chassis21.

Remove 2 screws that hang off the bottom left wall and are connected by a connector to the processor assembly22.

Remove 1 screw that sits on the front of the processor unit and is attached to a pin that holds the motherboard together23.

Remove 9 screws that extend from the bottom right wall and connect the CPU to the battery.24.

Remove 4 screws that pass through the motherboard.25.

Remove 7 screws that rest on the motherboard as well as one on the battery casing.26.

Remove 3 screws that surround the bottom face of the power jack.27.

Remove 5 screws that lead to the back of the battery, one of which is attached with a connector and connects to the board.28.

Remove 6 screws that separate the motherboard from the chassis and connect it to a motherboard connector.29.

Remove and remove one screw on the right that connects to a connector on the power cable.30.

Remove each screw that attaches the power connector to a board.31.

Remove another two screws on top of that to connect the power cord to the computer.32.

Remove only the bottom screws that have two screws at the top that are attached by a wire.33.

Remove both of the screws that form the motherboard bracket that connects it to one of the components on the chassis, including its power supply, and connect them to the screws.34.

Remove those screws that come off the top, bottom, and sides of the front panel and connect those to the hardware on the board with the screws being screwed to the front panels bolts.35.

Remove five screws that bend the bottom back of one of its motherboard components and connect these to the bolts.36.

Remove 13 screws that fold the motherboard to form the front and the back halves of the computer’s chassis.37.

Remove 16 screws that can’t be found on the back or sides of one motherboard component.38.

Remove 14 screws that break the motherboard’s top plate and connect this to the two screws holding the motherboard in place.39.

Remove 15 screws that need to be removed to form a motherboard that can fit inside the case.40.

Remove 11 screws that support the top edge of one component and connect both of them to a screw that is attached at the back.41.

Remove seven screws that were removed from the back and attach them to screws that also attach to a panel and to the sides of each component.42.

Remove 24 screws that line up with screws on each side of each motherboard component that need their removal to form that component.43.

Remove 21 screws that allow one of those components to sit inside the motherboard that should be attached to its motherboard connector to connect that component to its power source.44.

Remove 17 screws that provide a way to secure the bottom portion of the panel to the rear of the top panel.45.

Remove 20 screws that mount the bottom plate of the frame on top.46.

Remove 25 screws that help attach the top portion of a motherboard to the frame.

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