Why Apple’s laptops are so hard to repair

HP 15 laptops are hard to replace after a refurbished model came with a faulty battery.

It took three weeks of labor, two weeks of elbow grease and some $8,000 to fix the problem, reports the New Scientist.

The refurbished laptop was bought from Amazon.com for $1,500 in January 2016, and Amazon replaced the battery in March.

The laptop had a bad battery in the first place, but HP says the battery was not replaced.

The New Scientist report said the battery had a problem with the way the battery connects to the processor, which causes overheating, leading to problems with the processor and other hardware in the laptop.

The battery will not charge the laptop if it is left plugged in for a long time.

HP is not blaming Amazon for the problem.

The company said the problem was “isolated” and was not a hardware issue.

A spokesperson told the New York Times the battery’s overheating was a software problem and that Amazon had addressed it.

It is not clear why the battery could not be replaced after Amazon had a fix for it, but the New Science report says the problem with Amazon’s battery did not go away after it bought the laptop and returned it to the company.

It was only after the laptop was refurbished that the problem started.

A battery from the refurbished HP 15 laptop will cost you about $1.5, according to New Scientist, but that is not much for an 8GB laptop.

This is not the first time a battery has failed with a refurbish.

In August, Dell announced that it had recalled its laptop with a battery that had an overheating issue.

The Dell laptop with the problem has now been recalled.

Dell did not say when the problem began, or what parts might be faulty.

Dell said it would provide the affected laptop to Apple and offer free replacement parts.

A Dell spokesperson told Ars that Apple is working with Dell to determine the cause of the problem and to get a replacement battery.

Ars Technica reported that Dell said the problems had been resolved in March, but has since been removed from the repair page.

Ars contacted Dell for comment.

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